médicalAdditive fabrication

The finishing solution for a promising technology.

The MMP TECHNOLOGY is particularly well suited to finishing parts produced using additive layering technologies such as DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering).

Only the Micro Machining Process (MMP) can contiually reproduce mirror-like finishes with unrivalled aesthetic consistency and technical precision. MMP is a surface finishing technology based upon selective filtration of wavelength ranges of roughness, allowing for the production of very precise and selective surface states.

The results are both uniform and reproducible : MMP is an industrial process that ensures total traceability and industrial-grade control of all parameters right up to the final finish.

MMP delivers these results even on some of the most complex geometries and the hardest of alloys.

Technical benefits of using logo MMP technology :

• Precisely preserves the initial shape,
• Reduces friction,
• Minimal material removal.

logo MMP technology advantages :

• Controlled costs and predictable lead times,
• Homogeneity and consistency across batches of parts,
• Treated components can exhibit superior technical performance,
• Ensures industrial-standard traceability and uses certified quality procedures.



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• Implants (knee, hip, spine, etc.),
• Instrumentation,
• Pump Components,
• Blades,
• Stators,
• Guide Vanes.

logo MMP technology is highly effective regardless of the manufacturing technology used to produce the parts, including state-ofthe- art additive technologies such as EOS's Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process.

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