MicroTek Finishing has licensed the intellectual property rights
to a deburring & super finishing method known
as the MMP technology logo.

MMP technology logo is a mechanical-physical-catalyst surface treatment applied to items placed inside a processing tank. MMP technology logo is truly different from traditional polishing processes because of the way it interacts with the surface being treated.

MMP technology logo uses a mechanical cutting process at a very small scale (not an acid attack or any other process that could alter the part's metallurgical properties), meaning it can distinguish between micro-roughness and small features. The process actually maps the surface as a collection of frequencies of roughness, removing first the highest frequencies, then removing progressively lower frequencies.

Unlike other polishing processes, MMP technology logo can stop at any point along the way, so now for the first time it is possible to selectively remove only the ranges of roughness that you don't want on the surface, giving you the option of leaving behind lower frequencies of roughness that could be beneficial to the function of the part.

MMP technology logo preserves the form of the part, including fine features that would be altered or destroyed by traditional polishing processes.

=> MMP technology logo produces highly accurate selective surface finishes.

The Micro Machining Process begins with a detailed analysis of the surface state of the item to be treated. We then select an appropriate regimen of MMP technology logo from the several hundred treatments available.
After verifying that our results meet or exceed our customer's expectations, we can reliably reproduce these same results with a very high degree of precision, making MMP technology logo a truly unique process in the market.

Impact on treated surfaces:
  • Mechanical properties are not altered

  • Minimal (if any) change to hardness

  • Material does not undergo creep during MMP technology logo

  • No surface contamination (MMP technology logo has been approved for parts used in medical implants)

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