R&D and Quality

MicroTek Finishing has a team of engineers with expertise in metallurgy, mechanics, physics and surface treatments. The team is always on the lookout for ways to acquire new skills and improve communication with clients—a solid foundation for developing new techniques jointly with customers and academic researchers.
MicroTek Finishing works with some of the most demanding manufacturers in the world, many of which are leaders in their industries. MicroTek Finishing can meet the exacting standards of the aerospace, watch making, precision mechanics and automobile industries.
Secure online customer service Our secure online customer service offers numerous benefits such as tracking of substandard parts, quality improvement plans, ongoing production data, the status of surface treatments in progress, a quality scorecard, statistics and a secure FTP for file transfer between MicroTek Finishing and customers' design departments.
MicroTek Finishing is committed to protecting the environment and using natural resources wisely. The environmental impact of the MMP technology logo process is assessed at every step. To reduce this impact, MicroTek Finishing actively manages its materials and waste and recycles the additives it uses.
A supportive human resources policy is also a priority at MicroTek Finishing. This is best evidenced by ongoing employee training, which promotes personal development while reducing employee turnover, a key factor in providing quality service to MicroTek Finishing customers.
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